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Pumps & Systems

Water well pumps are devices that extract water from a water source.  They operate under pressures that range from less than a pound to over 10,000 pounds per square inch.  There are a variety of water well pumps including but not limited to; jet pumps, solar pumps, submersible pumps and hand pumps, which require an individual to operate. Jet pumps are used in approximately 32% of homes, while submersible well pumps are used in over 60% of home. In addition to residential use, water well pumps are also utilized in commercial, industrial and or agricultural applications.

In drilled wells most of the time the water is pumped out of the ground by a submersible pump that is set somewhere inside the drilled well. The water is pumped by the submersible pump out of the well and into the holding tank, which is inside the house, the condo, the apartment, commercial building, etc.
A hand pump is often installed when there is no power on site and the homeowner wants to be “off the grid” or as an emergency backup for getting water out of well in case the power goes out.   Hand pumps work by lifting the pumping handle up and then pumping the handle back down.   As the lever is lifted up and down the internal pistons follow the same motion drawing water from the well and out the pump.  Voila water!
A jet pump is a type of pump that draws water out a water source, be that a drilled well, shallow well, lake or pond, by creating suction. These types of pumps sit on top of the ground or in a pump house or in maple syrup sap house, in a basement and are connected to the well via a drop pipe with an attached foot valve in the well. Jet pumps are also used as boosting pressure pumps. In pressure boosting applications they are installed after a storage tank or on a town water system to booster pressure inside an individual house.
Going solar can save you money on energy bills and help the environment at the same time. More and more businesses and households are installing solar powered systems with battery backup to counter load shedding (load shedding means, the power collected in the battery storage will allow your household or business to continue being powered for a certain amount of time). A solar system powered by batteries can help you maximize your ability to use the electricity generated by your solar panels on a day-to-day basis. This can also allow people the option to take their home completely off the grid. Instead of using energy from the grid, your home will instead use the extra energy in your solar battery. This can lead to significant savings for the consumer and is something more and more customers consider.

Here at Chevalier Drilling Co., Inc. we offer a wide variety of pump types for a wide variety of applications be that agricultural, commercial, residential and or special purpose.  The stainless steel pumps that we use are backed by a manufacturer’s five year warranty for residential applications.  Our dedicated and experienced staff have over 50 years’ experience with installing the various types of pumps and their designed applications.