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Where do you drill a well?  Some points to consider when siting a well:

1. What regulations apply?  Generally you need to be:

                        At least 100 feet from closest leech field

                        At least 50 feet from the septic tank

                        At least 10 feet from property line

                        At least 10 feet from a building

                        At least 15 feet from a driveway

                        At least 25 feet from the side of the road

2. What makes sense from a practical standpoint?

                        Is the site accessible for a drill rig?

                        Will the site be accessible in the future?

                        Is there a possibility that buildings could be expanded over the well in the future?

                        Are there power lines overhead?

                        Will the well head be in danger of being run into by a car, plow etc.?

                        Will the water line have to cross a driveway?

                        Is there bedrock close to the surface that would make it difficult to run the water line?

3. How important are asthetics?

                        Will a pipe sticking out of the ground on your front lawn bother you?

                        Is there a suitable place to drill that is less conspicuous?


A little thought and common sense beforehand can save a lot of aggravation down the road!

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