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Hydrofracturing                Down Hole Camera

Hydrofracturing:  Occasionally a well may not yield enough water to adequately supply the customers need.  Should this be the case, our company offers the well development process known as  Hydrofracturing.   In this process, water is injected into the borehole at a very high pressure to “fracture” the existing rock formations adjacent to the borehole, and/or enlarge already existing openings that extend into the borehole.  This amazing process opens untapped sources of water not encountered by the drill bit, and provides a conduit for them to flow into the well.  This process has proven highly successful, and increases the probability of drilling a successful well.  We can provide this service for new or existing wells, as the situation warrants.  We’ll be glad to tell you more about this exciting process and how this investment can help you to obtain the water that you need.


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